Secure your business with proactive video monitoring

Don't wait until it's too late. Protect your business with Survail today.


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Get real-time emergency response for your business

When you sign up for professional monitoring, Survail will alert authorities if you are away from your business. Depending on your custom settings, it can even send out an emergency alert to first responders.


Protect your business with the power of AI 

The future of security is now. With AI, you can analyze information to detect threats in minutes and take action in situations that would otherwise need human intelligence - all in minutes!


24/7 security for your business

Need peace of mind when leaving for the day? Partnering with Survail will put you at ease. You shouldn't have to spend your off hours worrying about the security of your business. When you add Survail to your existing security system, a third-party monitoring service is always watching. As soon as an incident happens, authorities are alerted in seconds. 


Automate incident response

Timely response time means quicker resolution for incidents. No matter where you are when the incident occurs - day or night- help will arrive quickly without leaving your business vulnerable.


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