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Give your clients confidence with actionable, reliable detections and notifications delivered only when they need them.


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Are your clients wasting hours scrubbing footage for a security incident that spans just seconds?


Filter footage to find incidents faster

Leverage the power of AI filters and custom detections to find exactly what you need, when you need it. With Survail, you can easily search through footage to isolate key incidents and find resolutions direct from your desktop or smartphone. View thumbnails of all of the events that happened in a set period, and with the ability to filter by person, car, or animal, you’ll only get notified when action is needed.

AI filters allow faster isolation of key incidents

Ability to filter by person, car or animal

Viewable thumbnails of all events for a set period

Notifications only when action is needed




Do your clients suffer from needless notifications filling up their phone and inbox?


Resolve incidents with a single notification

Get notified when you need to and peace and quiet when you don’t. With Survail, your clients can take a proactive approach to their security with tailored email, text and AI call messaging for incidents that matter. No more wading through hundreds of notifications or waiting until an incident happens, resolve incidents quickly and easily from a single message delivered if and only when action is required.

Tailored detections so you only get notified when action is required

Resolve incidents from a single notification

Notifications delivered via text, email or AI call messaging


Are your clients sick of countless false alerts for things they don't care about?


No More False Positives

Give your clients peace of mind knowing that they’ll only get alerted for moments that matter. With Survail, your clients can tailor their detections with the easy ability to filter by person, car or animal. No more waiting and wondering, if a car or employee has entered an area that is off-limits you’ll be notified instantly with the ability to take action directly from the message.

Custom detections that can be filtered by person, car or animal

Ability to set and monitor exclusion zones

No security spam, just meaningful alerts delivered when you need them

Save valuable time with notifications sent directly to first responders if required

No more false positives


Security starts with Survail

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Intelligent VMS

Intelligent, cloud-based security that helps you monitor and share footage for results in real-time.



Secure Platform

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