Finally, a unified security solution

Turn video footage into actionable insights


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Monitor and manage your business from anywhere

With the help of Survail's user-friendly dashboard, you'll always be aware and in control. Whether it is risk assessment or business efficiency that needs your attention - there will never again be any question about what is going on with our easy-to-use platform.


Stay informed about what's happening at all times

What would you do if you could monitor your entire operation from one device? With powerful filters and exclusion zones, nothing gets missed  - including events happening across all sites or locations, Survail's intelligent VMS allows you to unify your entire security solution so you can see everything on one dashboard.


Simplified data sharing and collaboration

The Survail platform is perfect for anyone who needs to get their eyes on what's happening in real time. With one login, you can monitor all of your cameras from anywhere at once. And if someone needs footage fast, share it in seconds. A seamless user experience means there are no more back-and forth emails or hours wasted transferring files by thumb drive. Now everything happens in one easy click. 


Control access to your data with role-based permissions

Role-based access allows you to manage multiple users in your platform easily. With Survail, you can restrict each user type by giving them specific permissions, so there's no need to worry about data getting into the wrong hands.


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