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We know the last thing you want to do is sit down and scrub through hours of video footage. We get it! But now we've made things so much easier for your team with Survail -- turn surveillance footage into meaningful data in no time at all. Now administrative tasks like managing users or accessing footage are simplified without any headaches whatsoever!




AI-Powered Analytics

The days of manually reviewing hours of footage are over. Dramatically improve efficiency and safety with Survail AI Analytics, an intuitive system that analyzes your security camera footage in real-time to identify potential threats before they happen.


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Actionable Alerts & Sharing

Survail is a predictive analytics platform that helps you get to the root of any incident quickly. With accurate alerts and real-time sharing across teams, your response time can be reduced from minutes down to seconds.


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All of Your Cameras in One Place

It's never been easier to manage your camera system. With our all-inclusive dashboard, you can seamlessly connect any mix of security cameras across every location from one convenient place.


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