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Why Survail?


Save time. Save money. 

Save headaches. 

With Survail, you can see all of your cameras on one platform. Better yet, you can use any browser whether home or away to view your footage. Easily search for what’s happened with a specific event recorded by triggers, every alert will be meaningful not distracting!


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Saved a year on the cost of a security guard

Hours a week saved on searching for footage

Aspirins saved because now you'll be headache free

Now with fewer worries, your team can focus on what matters and do it better than ever

  • Benefits For Technical Teams

    Easy on Infrastructure:

    0.25 mbs per Event; live viewing bandwidth consumption reduced by 99.6% versus competitor offerings.

    Simple to Implement:

    Works with any video feed. Trouble-free to Maintain: Camera health monitoring included.

    Secure by Design:

    TLS1.2 Banking-Level encryption and zero-trust architecture.

    Effortless to Deploy:

    Nothing to install. No plugins. No apps. No downloads. It just works in the browser you already have.


  • Benefits For Executive Teams

    Flexibility Throughout:

    A-la carte applications, scalability, and custom configurations to fit any environment.

    Easy to Afford:

    No need to replace cameras . Simply add Survail to your network.

    Undemanding to Manage:

    Fully configurable user management and permission control.

    Works from Anywhere:

    If you have internet access, you can manage/view the system.

    Straight-forward Compliance

    Checks: Pull audit reports on all activity - users, events, and statistics.

  • Benefits For Management & Operations Teams

    Fast Notifications:

    Survail can send instant text or email alerts on certain types of detections.

    Swift Forensics: 

    Find incidents quickly - save time with footage filtering.

    Rapid Sharing: 

    Simple sharing with first responders / live or footage.

    Effortless Discovery:

     Save events for the courts with vault incident reports.



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About Survail

Headquartered in Asheville, NC, Survail is on a mission to empower organizations of all sizes to gain previously unheard of value from their existing surveillance ecosystem. Built by a team of experts hailing from public and private sector heavyweights like the NSA, Pentagon, United States Navy, Motorola, and Panasonic. The Survail team has developed this product based on 30 years worth of experience in the surveillance industry and the outcome is an AI-powered video analytics platform that's affordable and scalable with immediate impact.




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