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Pricing for All Sizes

Are you ready to join a growing community of organizations powering their operations and surveillance efficacy with Survail? The information below should help you configure the right solution to fit your needs.

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 per location

Features included

  • One Survail Edge Server
  • 1-year software licenses (per camera)
  • People & Vehicle Detections
  • Real-Time Alerts
  • Dynamic Clip Sharing
  • Unlimited Users
  • Smart Dashboard
  • Camera Health Monitoring
  • Flexible configuration options
  • Flat-fee ‘a la carte’ storage
  • Onboarding, Training, & Configuration
  • Premium Support

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there optional features or add-ons?

    Yes! Be sure to speak with your solutions expert about our growing portfolio of advanced applications and add-ons, like Cloud Storage.

  • Why isn't more pricing information shared on this page?

    We're BIG fans of transparency here at Survail. Our solution is fully configurable to fit a dynamic range of needs. As the complexity of the need grows, it quickly becomes difficult to express costs online. It's been so much more successful and simple for our clients to hop on a call with one of our solutions experts.

  • Do I need an NVR with Survail?

    An NVR is not required, but having one might be helpful. Be sure to speak with your solutions expert about your business's specific needs to determine whether an NVR would be advantageous. 

  • How many cameras can Survail manage?

    Survail is infinitely scaleable! Add as many cameras as you need. We offer 4, 8, 16, 32, 100, and 200 camera configurations and the hardware is fully extensible. Realize 100% coverage in any environment by adding as many of our Survail Edge Servers to a location as you required.

  • Does Survail work in my browser? Google Chrome?

    Yes! Traditional NVRs aren’t usually supported by Google Chrome. With Survail, you can easily access your video feed within Google Chrome, or your preferred browser. No need to download anything!

  • What type of surveillance cameras can I use with Survail?

    Survail is 'camera agnostic' by design. With Survail, you can leverage any combination of IP cameras available on the market. There's no need to worry about vendor lock-in anymore!

  • How much footage can I store?

    Storage is almost unlimited due to our unique design. Whether you choose on-premise storage, cloud-storage, or a combination of both our options won't leave you worrying about having to purchase new hardware. Be sure to talk with your solutions consultant about your specific needs.

  • Is pricing monthly? annual? one time?

    Pricing includes both one-time hardware and  recurring software license fees. The costs for you will be dependent upon the number of locations and number of cameras per location and may be structured as a one-time, annual, or monthly fee depending on your specific needs.

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