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All of Your Cameras in One Place


With Survail, you can see everything from anywhere. Just imagine being able to monitor your business no matter where it is in the world!


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Be everywhere at once

Time is money, and you want to be everywhere at once. But sometimes that's just not possible with the limited resources of one person or company alone. Easily manage all your locations, people, and cameras in one interface - flexible location assignments keep you on top of things.


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One cloud-based platform

Combining the power of the Cloud and the speed of local hardware to identify what matters to you in milliseconds is easy with our one-of-a kind, patented technology that’s fast enough for a single laptop but scalable from small offices up through enterprise level deployments without any router required.


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Scalable and flexible

The security camera interface is built with scalability in mind. With Survail, you can integrate virtually any type of surveillance equipment into your system to make it smarter and more secure from the ground up!


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