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Imagine if you could have custom alerts sent directly to your phone whenever something important was happening at your business. Now you don't have to wake up to thousands of unnecessary notifications--instantly see what you need delivered to your phone or computer.

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Set custom alerts

You don't want to be bothered with every notification that gets sent your way. Instead, you can set up custom alerts so only the important things reach your inbox. This will save hours of time spent digging through messages and notifications - instead, Survail shows just what matters most!


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Share alerts in no time


  • How it works

    Want to share an important event with a team member? No problem. With Survail, all you have to do is enter their phone number and they'll get a text message with the link in private! Keeping your teammates up-to-date has never been easier.

Find and share footage easily

Easily find and share footage with your team from anywhere, without worrying about security breaches or exposure to sensitive data. Secure link sharing makes it easy for you to collaborate remotely with your team members on any project - even if they are in a different country!


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