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The way America works is no longer a clear-cut image. Hazy at best, it’s an image of change, an evolving concept with health risk and safety measures at the focus.

As the number of new Covid-19 cases plummet and the number of vaccinated Americans rises, workplace options begin to emerge. The office is now a multi-definition destination.

For some of us, the office has been a repurposing of a spare bedroom or as simplified as the kitchen table. Set the alarm each night for 8:50 AM and still manage to make it to work on time, pajama-clad and coffee mug in hand.

Others have found a secluded park picnic table, a sidewalk cafe, or have capitalized on the free Wi-fi streaming out of the local McDonald’s. Laptops popping up everywhere.

We’ve adjusted, found our happy place, one where we’re content to perform our work duties while the world awaits the end of the pandemic.

Yet, survey after survey indicates that many of us miss our desk, our singular office space. Percentages as high as 70% of us desire to be back at our desk, at least for some of the workweek.

Employers have learned that employees can work from just about anywhere. How, then, can they make a compelling case for workers returning to the office? What assurances can they offer? And what of employee expectations?

Will socially distanced floor plans, temperature checks, reservation systems, and mandatory hygiene measures become the standard?

“Office Space Will Be The Next Frontier Post-Pandemic”

The heading above is the title of a May 31st, 2021 Forbes article by Warren Shoulberg. In it, he makes the observations:

“We know some people are going to go back to some offices. We know those office spaces will be different than they used to be. And we know the commercial real estate industry is facing one of its most serious challenges in modern history.

But there’s so much more we don’t know and that will make the next 12 to 18 months an unprecedented time both for companies moving back into office spaces and the businesses that own and lease these spaces.”

Many business leaders are still monitoring the extent of Covid vaccinations. They are also taking into account possible lifestyle changes over the past year--children still doing online schooling from home, new pets that need care and whose ownership prevents easy relocation, and people having relocated from populous urban areas to the suburbs, with less access to public transportation.

It’s a complex situation, more than simply reclaiming employees or leaseholders who have moved on to vastly alternative lives.

Already, business owners and commercial realty landlords are seeking to fill space by applying novel approaches to office use. Flexible leases are being extended for part-time needs, as well as off-hours use of individual desks, single cubicles, and up-to-meeting-sized areas. Assurances of hygiene practices are relatively standard as well.

Renters who are not part of a company’s known workforce, or whose on-site activity is outside of normal business hours, present a new set of security issues.

Survail for every security need

When the influx of people in and out of your building is a mixed bag of strangers in an ongoing cycle of short-term leases, when desks may be used by multiple individuals, and when building usage may extend around the clock, nothing is more important than your ability to identify those occupants.
The increased risk suddenly expands to include a greater likelihood of liability claims, theft, damage, and verification of healthcare protocols.

Heightened security is a necessity for you as the business owner and for users working in a less structured environment.

The ultimate addition for forward thinkers

Forget the impulse to add new security personnel. Survail can save you up to 80% of the cost of a security guard and do infinitely more in the process.

This is your introduction to the most innovative AI-Analytics Powered platform in the security industry.

Survail plugs the gaping holes in the products offered by our competitors. For starters, it’s camera agnostic, which is a fancy way of saying that it works with your existing surveillance cameras right out of the box. That means no new cameras for you to buy no new equipment to buy since Survail is Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS).

You can view unlimited cameras across unlimited geographic locations in real-time from any web browser. (Did that register? Make an impact? Because it is a “Wow” sentence!)

With Survail, your cameras will be able to distinguish between individuals and cars. Its Two Factor Authentication allows for the identification of individuals. From that feature, names can be attached to faces. Lists can be created of everyone currently allowed building access. Additionally, their movement throughout the facility can be tracked for the length of their entire stay, guarding your assets and also ensuring security for them.

Survail does more searching of your property than an army of security guards could achieve. Programmed to continually learn and improve, Survail detects potential threat activity and reports alert in a split second, as events are occurring. First responders, administrators, and any other pre-selected personnel are notified in real-time utilizing telephone calls, text messages, or email alerts.

No wasted time. Property loss and personal injury are reduced. Outcomes are changed.

Survail can function entirely web-free making it 100% cyber secure

It’s true! Survail can fully function without the need for a router. No web requirement, or need for an NVR either.

The on-site Survail server has an edge based analytics engine for speed. Analytics are done on-site rather than in the cloud. Then the Survail server archives the surveillance video footage. Cloud storage is an option, along with several customization features to match your exact needs.

Survail as an upgrade to attract renters

The commercial real estate industry is in a panic. A market flooded with available space for lease means that landlords must distinguish their spaces. More affordable A-class spaces--newer and with more modern amenities--are taking precedence over B and C-class spaces that are unlikely to return to widespread office use.

Survail should be included in office space upgrades.

Office owners can make facilities more appealing and afford to do so by applying for higher-order grant funding. Federal infrastructure funding is just starting to flow for the COVID recovery, and there are grant opportunities to explore.

When office buildings welcome daily workers back, they will look and feel differently than in the past, says Gabe Marans, executive managing director for Savills, a major real estate leasing company. “Remember when movie theaters upgraded? They put in reclining seats, better food and drink service. They had no choice but to offer an experience customers couldn’t achieve at home,” said Marans.

“My prediction is that offices will be next to undergo a similar transformation. If companies want employees back in the office, everything will need to be reimagined. And employees will expect a workplace that they can’t achieve remotely.”

Survail is a logical component of any enhanced A-class office package given its futuristic capabilities. The benefit to both owners, employees and leaseholders is immediately expressed in dollars and time saved, along with a higher level of security than ever seen before.

Take a closer look at Survail

Words are insufficient to convey the power of Survail. Let your eyes convince you by booking a free demo. You’ll see how we’ve only begun to give you a tiny taste of what this incredible AI-Powered Analytics platform can do for you.

Take a first look at the future, at the heart of your new intelligent surveillance ecosystem.

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Evan Williams

Written by Evan Williams