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Why All Of Your Departments Need AI/Analytics

By Evan Williams on May 31, 2021 8:00:00 AM

The AI and analytics marriage delivers thriving offspring & giant change

The long-promised future of AI Analytics is here. Already, more than 70% of devices in our day-to-day lives employ AI-related technologies. It is the bedrock for a new era of automation, connected mobility, and what many see as a revolution they call “Industry 4.0.” 

With the global artificial intelligence market anticipated to reach $190.61 billion by 2025, it will be exciting to see what the near future holds for AI and Analytics. What new forms await as change has become the norm?

One of the main drivers of sweeping change is covid-19. The pandemic has doubled, some say even quadrupled, the rate of acceleration of market changes overall.

“The COVID-19 crisis will accelerate changes that normally would have occurred in two decades; they now very likely will happen within the next five years.”  

 ~Giacomo Mazzone, Head of Institutional Relations for the European Broadcasting Union and Eurovision

Like it or not, change is upon us--rapid change--and there will be no return to the familiar pre-covid world. 

How you react will determine the fate of your business

Active Security isn’t just for your IT guy or security department

AI has been propelling numerous fields. The security industry is primary among them. If you’ve been following trends the language security providers use has elevated--cloud storage, distributed cloud, VSaaS, AI-Powered Video Analytics, real-time, edge based, mulit-location.

These are all indicators that business surveillance has turned a corner, advanced with the latest technology. 

Maybe advanced isn’t as accurate as to say that business security has taken a pivotal turn. No longer a passive approach, waiting to respond to incidents after they happen. The model utilizing AI analytics is “Active Security.” 

Active security can be explained as a system which reacts to an unwanted situation by giving off an alarm to notify those responsible that action is called for. 

At the forefront of active security is Survail. Using AI-Powered Video Analytics, Survail’s deep-learning software distinguishes individuals and vehicles. Analytics speed up the process of reviewing data to check for potential threats. Then notifications are made as the events are occurring in real-time. 

This platform for business analytics gets first responders involved, supervisory staff, anyone chosen to receive notification of incident threat by phone call, email, or text alert. Everyone on the list is informed within a split second of detection of a potential threat, your entire staff if you like. 

Response time is drastically reduced. Incidents can be prevented. Loss of life and property can be averted. Outcomes are altered.

Survail leapfrogs all the gaps in the products that other providers offer. More than a cutting-edge business surveillance tool that works with your existing business security cameras, Survail is a system that allows you to see, search, share, and manage critical data to the benefit of every department in your operation. 

Login to your account from any web browser, from anywhere in the world. Then view unlimited cameras, from unlimited geographic locations, with fully configured user access, all on one platform--one login, one screen, 100% cyber-secure.

AI Analytics is an HR dream come true

Imagine a system that is able to distinguish employees. Suddenly the HR department can track their punctuality, monitor anytime they exit the building, record the length of break times, or ID them in any criminal or suspicious activity while on business premises. And all of this information effortlessly retrievable. 

That’s new, big time new, and incredibly beneficial to the smooth operation of a business.

Marketing made easy

Retailers will find immediate benefit from AI Analytics loaded onto a business surveillance system. When video footage is easily accessible by specific cameras, marketers can spot trends never before available to them. 

Who’s buying all the footballs? The sunscreen? Why is the tee-shirt display in constant disarray? Is anyone noticing the large sale sign in women’s shoes?

Those trends lead to more efficient decisions regarding purchasing and ad campaigns, all due to the switch toward an active security model.

Survail delivers immediate impact. Without it, you are going to lose ground.

Operations and active business decisions

With a Survail system, operations teams can monitor vehicles entering and leaving the parking area, as well as follow their movement throughout the lot. Troublesome vehicles can be flagged for notification. Accidents and injury involving vehicles can be easily retrieved from video footage. 

Operational trends throughout facilities can be analyzed and the information used interdepartmentally to lower costs, better utilze staff, and integrate physical plant functions.

Now think bigger. Because AI Analytics is transformative, able to do the formerly impossible!

“Anywhere operations" refers to an IT operating model designed to support customers everywhere, enable employees everywhere and manage the deployment of business services across distributed infrastructures. It is more than simply working from home or interacting with customers virtually – it also delivers unique value-add experiences across five core areas: collaboration and productivity, secure remote access, cloud and edge infrastructure, quantification of the digital experience and automation to support remote operations. By the end of 2023, 40% of organizations will have applied anywhere operations to deliver optimized and blended virtual and physical customer and employee experiences.”

Survail can take you there.

Your bottom line just got lower

A hardware component and a software component comprise Survail--a server appliance and a web app. 

The server appliance lives on your network. It does the work. Analytics take place on site rather than on the cloud. Survail talks to nothing but our server, which is client-based/specific. 

Banking-level encryption feed comes out of the server. Since cameras do not send encrypted feeds, camera feed is not secure.

The web app is the means of interacting with Survail. It lets you know instantly when something is amiss.

No longer is there need for security personnel to stare at a wall of security camera video feeds around the clock. Survail does all the work. No screens to watch unless you want to add an NVR and stare at a video wall. 

Survail does all the viewing and more. It analyzes and learns. It detects potential threats and sends alerts in real-time to everyone involved. 

The immediate impact is a reduction or reassignment of security personnel. Maybe the Security Chief position is no longer a financially justifiable one. 

The savings continue.

Survail is affordable, more than affordable. The pricing is wildly competitive! By offering a variety of service agreements and optional add-ons, systems will be structured to fit exactly to your needs. 

Decision time

It’s a shifting business environment. No doubt you have a vision of where you want to go, maybe how you intend to get there. So what is your blue-sky outcome? 

If you think you’re going to get there apart from AI Analytics, you’re wrong. Business analytics, active surveillance, and data security are in the toolbox to stay. 

Survail is the solution, the table stakes at this moment in the new Industry 4.0. The early adopters, the visionaries, will be the first to benefit.

Evan Williams

Written by Evan Williams