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AI-powered video analytics is a game-changer for any company that wants to upgrade its security system without purchasing all new equipment. In fact, 25% of companies already say their reaping the benefits of AI and analytics in 2021. This technology can help you save time and money by automating processes that might otherwise require manual intervention. In this blog post, we will discuss three reasons why AI-powered video analytic tools are the future of business intelligence and should be part of your investment strategy.


1. Scale your surveillance system and your business


Ever had to install new security equipment? It's a huge pain. Adding all the users and getting them set up with clunky software interfaces is tedious. Traditionally cameras were hooked into an NVR or DVR device. The problem is that NVRs and DVRs are expensive, difficult to configure, and require more time than necessary. AI-powered video analytics can change all of this by integrating into your existing surveillance infrastructure.


Instead of costly hardware purchases, the only thing a company needs is an AI engine with specific capabilities to get its security system off the ground. This saves companies from having to purchase new equipment or hiring someone just for configuration purposes - it's all done automatically.


This year, you'll be able to use AI in every aspect of your business. The typical thought on AI-powered video analytics is that it's just for security, but there are so many other ways to use this technology! For example, data from surveillance cameras can help the sales and marketing departments spot customer trends or decide where the budget should go. There's no limit to how artificial intelligence can help a company grow and thrive.


2. Save time


We've all woken up to meaningless notifications in our inbox or on your phone, but when you have a business, time is precious. Sifting through hundreds of pointless notifications isn't something that you want to do. With AI-powered video analytics, set custom alerts so the ones that matter comes straight into your notification feed and get dealt with right away. This saves hours that you'd typically waste sorting through hundreds of notifications.


Video analytics is the future of security for small businesses. Especially if you're struggling to scale your company because you can't find the time or resources, video analytics could be just what you need. AI-powered video surveillance allows owners and managers at any level in a company to spend more time on core strategies than worrying about day-to-day operations that they don't have control over like inventory management and theft prevention. These are tasks designed specifically with little attention spans that fit well into an entrepreneur's schedule while providing peace of mind for their employees' and customers' safety.

3. Increase efficiency


AI-powered video analytics are a great addition to any security system because it integrates so well with all other systems and functions flawlessly, without wasting resources on needless features that most people won't use or need. For instance, Survail is equipped with smart tools such as custom alerts for intruders detected in the camera feed, which will send notifications via email/SMS when triggered. This way, if something is ever caught on camera, you'll be notified right away and have more information about what happened - giving you the ability to take necessary measures before anything else goes wrong.




- AI powered video analytics is a cost effective way to upgrade your surveillance ecosystem without buying all new equipment Save money and negate the need for hiring someone just for configuration purposes, freeing up staff to focus on their job instead of playing engineer!


- Save time by customizing alerts so only what matters come into your inbox or notification feed. This will help you deal with them right away instead of spending days going over irrelevant data.


- Increase efficiency by saving yourself from having to sift through meaningless notifications to find important ones.  

Evan Williams

Written by Evan Williams