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All over the country, homeowners have started installing smart surveillance systems in their homes. These include intelligent cameras integrated with smart locking and other features they can control on their smartphone even when they're away. For commercial properties, businesses can benefit from a commercial-grade surveillance system. This innovation in technology uses AI and analytics to help detect and prevent business crime. This means the system can use human and vehicle detection, notice particular trends, and send these notifications to the user. These alerts enable companies to increase business security and find any areas for improvement in their systems.

What is active surveillance?


Active surveillance is essentially a security camera system that uses AI and analytics to spot details and trends. According to the AIGS (Artificial Intelligence Global Surveillance) index, at least 75 out of 176 countries use AI-based surveillance technologies. As well as behaving like a standard CCTV camera and recording events as they happen, active surveillance sends more information to those in control, allowing them to improve their business's security and gain time back every week. AI is making an impact on the surveillance world.

Spots trends


The benefit of using AI-Powered Video Surveillance is that this technology allows your surveillance system to spot specific trends. Video processing takes place in real-time to learn common behaviors and activities going on at your business. If there are any irregularities, the system sends a meaningful notification customized by the user. This is why using AI gives you an advantage. Active surveillance systems will notice things that a human may not, as it is programmed to pick up on events that are out of the ordinary. This helps businesses to detect crime and threats to their security.


Sends custom notifications


The best thing about using an active surveillance system is that you can customize notifications and alerts. For instance, if you want to be notified when a certain type of vehicle enters the parking lot at your commercial property, you can program in these events. You can tell the system which events you'd like to receive a notification for. Whenever the system notices anything different from common trends, you will automatically receive an immediate text message, phone call, or email based on your preferences.


Allows security staff to be more effective


The way the active surveillance system works increases business security because it allows security staff to be more effective. This is why AI-powered video analytics are used in defense scenarios. Video monitoring software operated by AI means that security staff can spend less time watching surveillance footage and act quickly if an incident occurs. This type of intelligent surveillance also sends security staff notifications and data analytics, which helps your business be proactive rather than reactive regarding your security strategy.

Active security systems are an efficient, time-saving device as previously, and security operators would need to spend a considerable amount of time watching video surveillance or performing it themselves in person. With the assistance of advanced technology, they can do their job more effectively and be more productive.


How your business could benefit from a commercial grade surveillance system


If you own a business, you could benefit from a commercial-grade surveillance system. This type of advanced technology is specifically designed to protect commercial properties. It has been developed on a larger scale, and systems can be tailored to meet your unique requirements. Active surveillance systems are fully customizable as you can program them to look for particular trends and behaviors relating to your daily operations. This way, you can ensure the system is working under your control.


Active surveillance systems enable businesses to prevent crime and improve their entire processes. Using data analytics, you can look for flaws in your current security system and find suitable solutions to fix these. As well as detecting suspicious behavior, they also allow you to improve security overall according to your specific requirements. If you would like further information about active surveillance and how it could increase your business security, find out more today.



Evan Williams

Written by Evan Williams