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5 min read

Why You Need AI and Analytics for Your Co-working Space

The way America works is no longer a clear-cut image. Hazy at best, it’s an image of change, an evolving concept with...

3 min read

How to Sell AI-Powered Video Analytics to a Skeptic

Ever bought an electronic device or a battery-operated toy for the kids at The Dollar Store? Why not? And if you did,...

1 min read

Announcing the Survail + SCW Partnership!

We couldn’t be more excited to celebrate the launch of Survail and announce our partnership with SCW.

It’s incredible...

6 min read

Adding AI/Analytics to Your Video Surveillance System: Expectations Versus Reality

During a period in which a worldwide pandemic has resulted in slowed economies, vacant downtowns, and empty streets,...

3 min read

Does Your Surveillance System Own You?

VSaaS with a major twist


Ever buy an item knowing that you would not own it? 

That opportunity is now available from...

3 min read

The Top 3 Reasons AI-Powered Video Analytics is a Must in 2021

AI-powered video analytics is a game-changer for any company that wants to upgrade its security system without...

3 min read

How Active Surveillance Systems Can Prevent Business Crime

All over the country, homeowners have started installing smart surveillance systems in their homes. These include...

5 min read

Why All Of Your Departments Need AI/Analytics

The AI and analytics marriage delivers thriving offspring & giant change

The long-promised future of AI Analytics is...