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AI Powered Analytics


The idea of AI Powered Video Analytics might seem overwhelming, but with the right tools it can be easy and effective. You no longer need to wait for human eyes to randomly search through endless feeds of footage because Survail analyzes videos from unlimited cameras simultaneously in real-time!

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Respond to incidents in real-time

When it comes to managing your security cameras, you can't beat the level of control we provide. With our one interface and flexible camera tags, all your locations are covered with just a few clicks!


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Security and HR integrated at last

Survail has solved the problem of security and HR integration. Multi-location applications are where Survail shines, with its powerful AI Analytics which brings together unlimited cameras from all locations into one interface for your viewing pleasure.


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We evolve with you

Constantly improving a mix of apps to power your business to new heights - from person mapping to license plate recognition and beyond. Our ecosystem is ready-made to be as uniquely valuable to you as your smartphone.


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